flamaquaron (flamaquaron) wrote,

Мир Всем!

Bidi bidi bong bong
Bidi bong bong
Bidi bong bong
Bidi me'hen

Bong bong
Bidi bong bong
Bidi bong bong
Bidi men
Bena bena bohoi
Gena men den
Gena men

Early, early Sunday morning
It was a big ganja smuggling
Inna de mud me a pick collie bud
An' me a load dem down in off the tub

One by one, load up di van
All of-a ganja it ram
Put it on a plane, the weed gaan' a Spain
Money jus' a pour like rain

Me jus' a mogel up the lane
In a rope-gold chain
Me an me girl name Jane

Bong gong
Gidi bong gong
Gidi memdem dem dem
Bena bena mohoi
Bena mendem
Gena iohoi

Dong dong
Didi dong dong
Gidi mendem
Gidi mendem
Geda mendem
Gena mendem
Gena men-den
Tags: reggae, музыка, утро доброе
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