flamaquaron (flamaquaron) wrote,

Жаль, что я не узнал тебя, когда ты был немного моложе.

I wish I had of known you when you were a little younger, around me you might
have learned a thing or two
If I'd known you longer you might be a little stronger
Maybe you'd shoot straighter than you do, maybe you'd shoot straighter than you
do As he walked into the poolroom you could tell he didn't fit
In his hand made boots, custom suit, pearl handled shooting stick
Tonight there'd be a showdown then everyone would know
Who shoots the meanest game around, The Baron or Billy Joe
Billy Joe looked edgy, about to lose his cool
But the Baron's hands were steady as the two began to duel
Yeah, he was like a General on a battlefield of slate
And he would say to Billy Joe each time he sunk the eight, he'd say
Now Billy Joe was busted but he hadn't felt the sting
And from the far end of the table he threw his Mother's wedding ring
And he said, You won my money but it isn't going to do the trick
I'll bet this ring on one more game against your fancy stick
The Baron's eyes grew foggy as the ring rolled on the felt
And he almost doubled over like he was hit below the belt
Twenty years ago it was the ring his wife had worn
And he didn't know before he left that a son would soon be born
It sounded just like thunder, when the Baron shot the break
But it grew quickly quiet as he lined up the eight
Then a warm hand touched his shoulder and it chilled him to the bone
When he turned and saw the woman who had loved him for so long
The game was never finished, the eight ball never fell
The Baron calmly picked it up and put it on the shelf
Then he placed the ring in the hand that held him long ago
And he tossed that fancy shooting stick to his son Billy Joe
And he said
Tags: johnny cash, кантри, музыка
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